09 August 2018


Laura (the UK) sent me this postcard that seems an stamp. With the two that she had previously sent, they start to seem like a little collection...

What would you depict on a similar postcard from your country?

See here

And here


  1. Nice cards!

    Of my country I would depict a windmill :-)

    1. Of course! ;)
      I think that it would be a rice dish, from mine. From my town, the castle!

  2. From the US I think the Statue of Liberty.
    From the UK maybe a classic pillar-style postbox? Or a double decker bus? Or a classic red telephone box.
    From Columbus maybe the Santa Maria, as a replica of Columbus' ship used to be moored on the river. However, since a large-scale renovation of the downtown riverscape, it is currently in storage with no plans for its future.


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