07 August 2018

Repurposing: A Colouring Booklet

I made this envelope for Heleen (the Netherlands) using a free colouring booklet, given to children in a clothes shop. 

Can you spot what I added on the front (fruits) and back (animals) of the envelope?


  1. I am sure you added the tiny envelope (and maybe the whole bird?) on the back. As for the front, maybe you drew the little Spain label of the fruit. Are there more additions?

    1. On the front, I added also some watermelon seeds and the little worm living in the apple.
      On the back, besides the envelope:
      -the seal’s hat
      -the l ion’s tie
      -the crocodile’s belt
      -the monkey’s sunglasses and smile
      … And I think that’s all!

    2. A lot of Eva mini-art :)

  2. Love it! Thank you so much!


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