28 January 2020

UK's Curious Customs Stamps (3)

Up Helly Aa
Location: Lerwick, Shetland
Timing/Date: Last Tuesday in January
BackgroundUp Helly Aa is a famous fire festival which is now more than 100 years old.
As part of the festival, people in dress parade through the town whilst carrying blazing torches including the Guizer Squad who wear full Viking attire.
A full size wooden longship (which has been crafted over the preceding year) is pulled through the streets and is later ceremonially burned as part of the traditional festivities.
Other stamps of the Special Customs series:
- World Gurning Championships
- Same Sky Burning the Clocks


  1. A fascinating event. I love that you posted the stamp today, the day of the festival.

  2. Fascinating indeed, and thank you for the link. It is nice to see how people take the time to prepare for their festivities, both in the UK (though September to January is relatively short?!) and in Spain. Here in NL in the carnival regions people also are preparing for their parades in the preceding year :-)


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