08 September 2012

My Post Office

I think there are three post offices in this city, and I have been to two of them so far.

I usually went to the central post office, but sometimes it was too crowded. So I walked to the little one, near my first apartment. People there were nicer; they always tried to find the more beautiful stamps for me and understand me in Arabic.

The fact is that I had not been here for months. Last Monday I went to the central post office in order to buy stamps, but it was late, so I was not sure it were open. The doorman recognised me immediately and told me (in French): "Oh, good afternoon madame. How are you? You here again to buy stamps. Sorry, but you should come back tomorrow". 

I am afraid I am known  by the post employees as "the foreign woman who buys so many stamps", or something like that :P


  1. Hahah, it's so funny! So do they speak in French to you often? Do you already have a flat? :) I'm so curious.

    1. In fact, a lot of people (even in Spain!) try to speak to me in French. I don't know the reason. Maybe I look a bit French.

      Here people spoke to me in French or Spanish or Arabic or a mix. When I speak in Arabic they look so surprised (because I don't know the "common" Arabic but the "literary" one). After the initial shock, they are usually happy to speak Arabic with a foreigner...

  2. "The foreign woman who buys so many stamps", et peur d'être considéré comme tel? Je pense que c'est le plus grand compliment! :-)


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