13 September 2012

Roald Dahl Day

I've been lately reading some books written by Roald Dahl (and sending some postcards!). By the way, one of my favourite authors. And I've been getting these beautiful stamps sent by Laura (the UK). They belong to a stamp set issued by the Royal Mail.

I've published two of them here and here. I wanted to publish it today again because today we celebrate the Roald Dahl Day! Yes, the official Roald Day Day takes places every year on 13 September. And in 2012 the swizzfiggling BFG, which is famous for catching, creating and making dreams come true, is turning 30. If you do not know how to celebrate it, here and here you have some scrumdiddlyumptious ideas.

50 Scrumdiddlyumptious Ways to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day!


  1. Happy Roald Dahl Day!!! :) Although Dahl is internationally known for his children's books, some people don't realize that he also write adult stories and fiction that were bizarre and disturbing. So something for everyone! :D

    I'm a fan of his adult fiction myself, but I do have a soft spot for James and the Giant Peach.

    1. I've read most of Roald Dahl's stories for children as an adult, and I've really enjoyed them. I just love James, Matilda, the BFG... (I think these three are my favourites).
      Maybe I must read his adult fiction some years later, as an old lady... :)

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