22 September 2012

My Former Post Office

This is a familiar place to me: my former post office, up the stairs (the ground floor used to be a kindergarten, and then a gym, and now it is empty).

I just loved this little office, despite its limited timetable (only from 8.30 to 10.30) and the fact they usually were run out of stamps. But the office is really peaceful. The postman is usually listen to classical music, and it never was full of people, only two or three.

I miss the postman (but of course I will not post a picture of him). When I was at home in the morning, I usually listen to him whistling while delivering the letters.

I took these pictures the last days in the village, when the idea of leaving made me feel blue.

I have not yet a proper address here!


  1. Such a picturesque place! I had never imaged before how your post office would look like, and I love to see it!
    Sure I love post offices and pictures of post offices - sadly 'our' official post offices in the Netherlands all disappeared..

    And 'ai qué saudade' - your former post office not only is special to you, but also to me... I remember the snail mail I've sent to you: all of it must have traveled here and passed through your postman's hands! I wonder what the postman would be doing now, without you?!

    An empty ground floor under a Post Office... Seems great! Maybe they can rent it to mail fans like us, for 'mail vacacions', 'mail holiday arrangements', and so? :-)

    1. I would have shown this pictures before, but it didn't occurred to me, sorry. It is indeed a lovely place.

      I wonder what are they using the ground floor for...


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