29 September 2012

The P.O. Box


On Monday there was not the right person in the office. It is an enormous office with dozens of workers, but nobody could do that (?). On Tuesday the Internet connexion was out of order.


On Wednesday the person existed, but when I arrived she was talking on the phone. And she continued to talk for no less than 15 minutes. Then she excused and I answered: "No problem!", because I did not want to run unnecessary risks. She asked me what I wanted. I explained the same as the day before. Then she told me that I needed a photocopy of my passport. She was closer to fall off her chair when I said: "I have it".

Of course I had it! Here I never go out without thousands of copies of all my documents, pictures with white and blue background, my ID card, my passport, the copy of my husband's passport.. They are asking for these things even for the littlest procedure.


During the next 10 minutes the woman was filling yellow forms, white forms and computer forms. A lot of forms anyway. Them cut a little piece of pink card and wrote down my name. I paid. I found it very cheap, but it is because I paid only for three months (until final 2012).
— And when must I pay the rest?
— Don't worry.
— Ok.
She handed me the keys and asked me for going to the P.O. boxes room. It is placed in another street because the office is being repaired. It has been being repaired at least since November 2010 (the first time I came here).


I gave the one of the papers (the one with the pink card stapled) to the worker, as she had told me. The man took the paper without a word, entered the office, went out with some tools and started to change the lock of my  postbox-to-be. It seemed that it didn't work. In the meanwhile, I was noticing that the post boxes are organised according to Chaos theory. A second worker man ask me for accompanying him to the main office. Why not?
Then he told the first lady that he had not the keys.
The lady: "But she [me] has the keys!"
The man (sceptical): "Do you have the keys?"
Me (to the sceptical man): "Yes, I do."
Me (to the lady, who did not understand anything): "They did not ask me!"
The man: "Ok, don't worry."
If I like this country is because you never have reasons to get worried.

5 (final?)

One hour later in my postbox was still a hole instead of a lock. But two hours later they had put the lock. Miraculously, my key worked.
Wow, I have an address!


Of course my post box does not look so new as in the picture. It is just publicity.

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  1. What an interesting experience of getting a PO Box! :D It's a great thing that you don't have to worry. Less worries, age slower, less wrinkles!


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