11 October 2012

Covers of Books

Sent by Laura (the United Kingdom).

Another of my favourite subjects for postcards is books and writers. And I love especially postcards with book covers (this would be my ideal job: read books and the design the right cover). So here you are some of the covers I have received so far as postcards:

  1. A Short History of Nearly Everything, by  BRYSON, Bill. Sent by Angelika (Poland)
  2. The Conquest of Gaul, by CAESAR. Sent by Laura (the UK)
  3. Tunnels, by GORDON, Roderick & WILLIAMS, Brian. Sent by Monty (the UK)
  4. The Catcher in the Rye, by SALINGER, J. D. Sent by Laura (the UK)
  5. The Vampire Diaries, by SMITH, Lisa Jane.  Sent by Laura (the UK)
  6. Heidi, by SPYRI, Johanna. Sent  by Laura (the UK)
  7. Linger, by STIEFVATER, Maggie.  Sent  by Laura (the UK)
  8. Mama Tandoori is very hot!, by VAN DER KWAST, Ernest. Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Those books are not my favourite (well, it could run for number 6). I have only read three of those books: 2 (most of it in Latin!), 4 and 6 (more than 50 times, as I child). And you?


  1. Doncs no els he llegit. Potser les postals amb tapes de llibres haurien de portar aquesta inscripció: Per fer aquesta postal no s'ha maltractat cap llibre!!! ;P

    1. "Heidi" no? Es nota que eres jove! :P

      Em sembla una bona idea, l'advertència! ;)

    2. No, però un dia vam descobrir que la iaia tenia un disc (!) de Heidi recitada i de tant en tant li demanàvem que ens el posés, quan encara tenia tocadiscs.

  2. I read 2 of these: Catcher in the Rye which I liked a lot when I read it for the first time as a teenager and disliked when I read it as an adult. And I read Heidi. Nice book:)
    I like that postcard with various books.

    1. I also read "The Catcher in the Rye" as a teen. I loved it, but I'm not sure I'd like it today. At least, not in the same way.

      But for "Heidi"... I still adore this book!

      Thank you for coming! :D


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