20 October 2012

By Magic

Sent by Lluïsa (Italy).

Four days ago GotThatSwing published in her blog a postcard from Vatican sent by her Mum. We agreed that the face in the middle was something strange for a postcard. But still I commented that I would like to receive a postcard from Vatican. So it was a surprise when I found this postcard in my post box just the day before, as if by magic.

Of course it was nothing to do with magic: I had forgotten that one of my friends was spending some days in Rome (indeed, the stamps are Italian). But anyway... I just like the idea that you can make wishes and letters appeared in your mail box. Don't you?


  1. I have a stamp from Vatican on mine;P But your postcard is really pretty! It's funny you made a wish and voila, the next day you have it:D I wish I had a letter from anywhere on Monday (please, please, my wish come true:P)

    1. I've never had a stamp from Vatican, I would like.

      The problem with mail wishes is that we don't know where to make it... :(
      Tell me if yours works!


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