15 October 2012

Covered Bridges

Sent by Laurence (the United States).

After a long period inactive in the Postcrossing site, I have received last Thursday two postcrossing postcards. I realised how I have missed them!

This bridge is in Ohio, crossing the Ashtabula River in Monroe Township. I have seen this covered bridges in Quebec (Canada) by the first time, and then I learnt there are very common in North America. I just love them! As the sender wrote, it is very pleasant come across these bridges along the rural roads. Some of them are really old, built in the early 1800's! Root Road Covered bridge was restored in 1963 because it was in danger of collapse due to age and Ohio's severe weather.

Also one of the first postcards received trough Postcrossing was a covered bridge. By the way, I like a lot postcards of bridges. I think the idea of mail fits with the image of the bridge...


  1. I've never seen covered bridges before! That's such a nice characteristic of Postcrossing, too: we learn a lot about the world we're living in!

    By the way, I love bridges, too :-)
    And I see in your bridges collection you are missing my Most Favourite (dearest) Dutch bridge, I'll send it to you, soon!

    1. In fact, as I added to the post, one of my first Postcrossing postcards was a covered bridge:


      In Quebec people explained us that the reason for building these bridges is the snow over the ways. It seems that they protect the way and also serve as refuge if you are travelling.

      I can't believe I haven't your favourite bridge... I have all the bridges of Murcia, for instance... ;-)

  2. Thanks to Sunday Stamps I realize that I still forgot to send you my most favourite one. To be continued :-)

    By the way, bridges can be extremely smooth, so dangerous, by snow and ice. So more covered bridges would be a good thing, I think :-)

    1. I wonder which one is your favourite...


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