02 October 2012

New Old P.O. Box

So this is my new mail box. I told you it is not so pretty as in the publicity...

By the way, the first letter I have received was not addressed to me but to the former owner :(


  1. I love to see your mailbox!
    Reading the story of how you got your mailbox, I was wondering: what do they do with the letter addressed to the former owner? Here in NL the P.O.Box room has an extra mail box in where wrong-addressed and 'old' post can be put into, and I suppose the mail company will deliver it to the right receiver, or return it to sender. So I was wondering whether that's the case for you, too, or if they'll throw it away (and you might keep the stamp :-) ?

    1. I gave the letter to the man in the post office room, and I want to suppose that they will return the letter to the sender. Anyway, it was an official letter from the National Health System (or something like that), so there were no beautiful stamp on the envelope :(


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