31 October 2012

25 Years IUOMA

Received from E (Utopia, France).
Handmade piece of mail art to celebrate the 25 years of IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists).
Also published here.


  1. Su dirección. Quiero enviar un mail Art. Saludos desde Argentina.

  2. First I thought "E"'s mail art very scary. But now I learned to appreciate it and I think "E" a very kind person. Did you notice the stamp: 'Utopia - Local post'!?!
    For me it means, similar to 'home is where the heart is', something like: 'the ideal place is everywhere' :-)
    (Don't know whether "E" had this intention, creating the stamp, or not!)

    1. I think Utopia is a nice place to live in: you always meet nice people there ;)

      (And I also think "E"'s art is a bit scary, but I love it anyway).


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