16 July 2013


Postcard sent by Laura (the UK).

The University graduation procession through the cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral (the UK). I have received more postcards showing the cathedral of Canterbury. I am not sure, but I bet I own every single existing postcard about the cathedral of Canterbury issued in the last ten years. One of my best friends lives there, and she is a big lover of both cathedrals and postcards.

What makes special this postcard, in my opinion, is that is shows real life. This postcard has reminded me that this time last year I was spending my holidays in Liverpool (the UK). It was impossible to enter in the cathedral because of these graduations... (finally we did!).

More beloved views of Canterbury Cathedral (too much?):

At night

As I see the cathedral first time I visited Canterbury.

Eye-bird view

I think this is my favourite

Empty cloister


  1. I wonder what year the graduation ceremony upset your visit to Liverpool Cathedral? My wife's Masters graduation ceremony was held there about 14 years ago. If it was then I'll tell her off for you!

    1. No, no: it was last year. But finally it was nice: I took some pictures of the students, and we could visit the cathedral finally.


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