25 July 2013

I Wish You a Good Coffee

I wish you a good coffee every morning
(and croissants if possible)

Little things made life just better

Sent to Dimitra (Greece).

Drawn envelope and collage made of a reused catalogue of hotels and stickers. For the project A wish for Greece. You can still send your contributions, until 1st November:
You are invited to participate in a Mail Art project entitled A wish for Greece". As my country is going through a difficult time, I would like all Mail Artists to make a wish for Greece or express something through their art for all of us that we here. Maybe art can offer a little bit of hopethat something might change for the better!!! The least we can do is make a wish that this will happen!!!Theme: Your wish for Greece / Size: Free / Media: Free / Number of submissions: Free / No fees, no jury, no returns. / Deadline: November 1st 2013. All entries will be displayed online: Send your mail art to:
Dimitra Papatheodorou

P.O.Box 3019


Post Office of Gounari



Thank you for coming. All your comments make me extremely happy.