23 July 2013

Concert in A major per zebra i llop

Sent to Angela Caporaso (Italy).

Altered score with press cuttings and poems, for the project Aristicamente una partitura ('Artistically a mail art score'). Also published in the website of the project.

The lyrics:
1) Poem of Pere Quart written in Catalan: Zebra, pel desert corre la brama que no et saps treure el pijama (='Zebra, it is rumored in the desert that you don't know how to take off your pyjamas').
2) From Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes: As soon the Wolf began to feel that he would like a decent meal, he went and knocked at Grandma's (door)...

(Nedless to say I have no idea about scores and music.)


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