17 July 2013

Snail Mail Hard Life

-La plupart des gens ne sont pas conscients
que la vie d'un SNAIL MAIL est si difficile...
-Mais je ne suis pas mécontent

Sent to Annick (France).

I do not remember how I discovered Annick's blog (Les enveloppes illustrées); through IOUMA, I guess. I fell in love immediately with her collection of snails, one of my beloved themes. So I immediately sent her a gang of snails...

Collage made of stickers, washi tape, rubber stamp (carved by me) and colour pencils. Below the envelope:


  1. I love your drawn snail mail snails envelope! And great to see how the snail stamp matches with the colours of the España stamp!

    1. :D
      I like this stamp a lot. It isn't really true that I need Spain (tomorrow I'm leaving again...!), but sometimes it seems perfect.
      Thanks for your comment.


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