20 May 2014


Collage sent by Jean Claude (France) - I guess.



  1. Or maybe from Galerie Le Lab (Jean Claude Sarpi), as a reply to the Mermaid in the Port?!?
    I was thinking this, because I received a collage with the same 'Mail Art from Marseille' stamp print, and there was an artistamp added of le Galerie. I wonder...
    So it's mysterious!..
    I also wonder: would the two mail artists from Marseille know each other??

    1. I think you're right, thanks! I wrote Richard because I don't know any other mail artist in Marseille. But now I've seen more works from JC Sarpi with the same stamp. So I'm going to change the guess in the post.

      I also wonder about that! I'd like to know mail artists in Morocco, but I'm afraid mail art (mail in general) isn't very popular here.

      Tell me if you know mail artists in the Netherlands (Greek mail artists don't count!).

    2. Some years ago I've met Miranda Vissers, who curated the mail art project 'Collections' in the library of the Van Abbe Museum.

      But the Dutch mail artists with whom I exchanged mail art much more than once (Amuldo, Ruud), I've never met 'in real' so far.
      Every now and then I visit Amsterdam. And when sitting in the tram or metro, I like to 'punniken' (spool knitting) or 'breien' (knitting, mail art of course, I've no patience for knitting clothes).
      Everytime I'm doing this I'm hoping that Suus would enter the tram or metro and that we would recognize each other (while I really don't know how she looks like, but the 'punniken' or 'breien' of course will have us start a conversation :-)
      However, so far this didn't happen. Maybe, one day...

  2. Hahah really misterious, indeed!


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