01 May 2014

Label from Spain

This is the first time in my life I have received one of this labels from Spain. I mean... Spain is supposed to be my country, but of course, I didn't received them while I was living there.

Anyway, most postworkers are reluctant to give these labels, I don't know why. So I scarcely used them when I sent my mail from Spain, and I have almost forgotten their design.


  1. I'm lucky that my local post office gives me plenty of Air Mail labels but I've had strange looks and a degree of reluctance when I have asked for a sheet in other post offices. You would think they paid for them out of their own pockets!!

    1. In Spain some post office workers look at you like: "What are you talking about?", and others tell me off for not putting them on letters. That's crazy! But, as you know, I usually sent my postcards without these labels, because I haven't.


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