08 May 2014

Horses on Stamps

I have recently received more horses that update this post:

From Canada

(Maybe you cannot appreciate it in this picture, but it is golden.)

From France

From Guernsey

From the UK

I am really happy to have received four of six stamps of the new series Working Horses issued on 4th February by Royal Mail, on different letters sent by different people:

From the USA

Can you see the gold horse in the left top corner?


  1. Must remember to send you the missing horse stamps!

  2. Wonderfull set of horse stamps! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hadn't you seen these stamps? In those days, I received A LOT of horses!

    2. I am wrestling with my brain to find out whether I forgot them (in that case maybe too much busy was the reason for not commenting, or that I wasn't as interested in horses as I am now since DD is crazy about them and I am sketching them a lot since the past months) or that I simply have missed this blog post.. I think I should have seen them, then... But now I really look at them :-)


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