06 July 2014

Sports on Stamps

The theme for today in Sunday Stamps is sports. I was waiting for this, as I have received some stamps about!

From Canada

This is one of the stamps issued on 12 January 2009 by Canada Post, showing the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games Mascots and Emblems. See all the stamps here.

From China
Issued by the China Postal Bureau to commemorate the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay. I love the slogan Light the Passion, Share the Dream.

From Finland
Stamp issued on 2 November 2012. It belongs to the series Memories of Finland. I love this black and white stamp!

From France
This is a favourite. It was issued by La Poste on 7 September 2012, with the title Combattant réalisant un Yoko Tobi Geri. And it and belongs to a wonderful set I would not mind to receive!

From Greece
Issued on June 4, 2013. (Here the set)

From the Netherlands
Vintage stamp from the gulden era, issued in 1999 to commemorate de 100th anniversary of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Lawn Tennis Bond (Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association), and portrays Wimbledon winner Richard Krajicek.

From South-Africa

And finally soccer! Stamp issued for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

By the way: if you are interested in stamps about sports you can visit this site.


  1. Good to see Krajicek on a stamp.

  2. love those little Finnish skiers!

  3. My favorite is the Finnish black and white stamp.

  4. Love the B&W stamp from Finland.

  5. the round world cup is my fav :)

  6. All wonderful, but the Finnish stamp is sweet!
    thank you for joining in this week.


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