18 July 2014


Thanks to this theme in Sunday Stamps Bryon (USA) was really kind and offered to send some stamps about circus. They represent early 20th century posters. I did not received some of them as promised... but the whole set on an envelope!

These stamps are amazing, look at them closely:

I started to look in the Internet about these circuses, and then I realised that I had just sent a postcard of Barnum & Bailey Circus. In fact, I bought these postcard for a friend who loves swimming pools...

Postcard sent to Laura (the UK).


  1. Lucky you! those stamps are gorgeous!

  2. How lovely to get the whole set of stamps like that! I received the Dainty Miss Leitzel one on a postcard, and it really made my day.

  3. How kind to send you the whole set.

  4. Really kind. I adore these stamps!


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