10 July 2014

Strange Mail Contest

For nearly a century Ripley’s has been getting the world’s strangest mail, but from June 13 – September 5, 2014 we will reward our fans simply for sending us something strange through the United States Postal Service. The odder, the funnier, the more bizarre, the better!
All items to be eligible to win must be sent with absolutely no packaging, boxing, or envelopes.
Whatever the item is, and it can be anything, must be sent and received with the stamps applied directly on the object! 

See the details and the prizes here


  1. No way! Haaaahaaahaa. That sounds to fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. It was nice hearing from you.

    1. I always read your blog, but sometimes I don't leave comments. I love your creations.

  2. I still cherish the colour pencil box you have sent me without envelope or packaging!
    Great idea, this contest (although I cannot find the entry form, so I will send my 'orange hand' 'in the wild').
    Sending odd mail is not new: around the year 1900 the Englishman W. Reginald Bray wanted to test the rules of the Royal Mail, and therefore posted himself, and onions, a turnip with the address carved in it, a bicycle pump and other unusual objects :-) He was delivered by two postmen, you can find pictures on the internet (and in the book 'The Englishman who posted himself').
    And of course you have sent me more unusual objects, besides the colour pencils and among others even a giraffe and a museum! :-)

    1. Why, the form is down in this page:

      I don't dare to send odd items from Morocco. The post office workers took mail seriously, you know. Sometimes I think they don't have sense of humour. And of course they don't understand why I send and receive mail. Maybe they think it's my "business" more than my hobby...

      The oddest letter I have ever received was written in a chestnut! :D Not a long message, as you guessed...

    2. Thank you, yes, I found it! And I already sent a first entry (see the IUOMA group 'odd shaped postcards').

      Such a pity that you can't send weird mail from Morocco, but hopefully you'll succeed to find something suitable (or to send it from another country :-) ).

      Oooh, a letter in a chestnut, such a great idea!!!

  3. I love the thought of sending weird things through the mail, but I somehow don't think that the German mail service would deliver them... They tend to be rather strikt on packaging.

    1. I have realised that in general (in Europe, not in Morocco) post office workers collaborate with mail art. I have worked for some months in the post office, and I assure you people there take care of personal and original letters.

      But I'm too shy to go to the post office with my "naked items", so I add postage enough and put inside a post box. They usually arrive, more than "normal" mail!
      I encourage you to try something different :)

    2. I think I am shy, too (that is, to most post workers, there's only one I would dare to bring odd mail to, but she's in a location more far than the other post locations) :-)

      So I do the same from the Netherlands: just add enough postage stamps and drop it into the letterbox. The post usually works well with that. They even help in their way (which in case of the strange mail contest will be counterproductive): I once sent a found CD 'naked' via the letterbox, and the post company added an envelope around it, with apologies about the possibly harm to the CD :-)

    3. This is a nice "mail adventure"! :)


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