15 July 2014

Viking Mail

Postcars sent by Eva (Norway). It shows the Oseberg Ship. I love how the sender turned this postcard in something unique by adding some interesting magazine cuttings:

And a perfectly matched stamp!

And I have recently received another postcard about Viking culture. This comes from the UK, sent by Laura who visited an exhibition in the British Museum. It represent chessmen from the late 12th centure, made of walrus ivory (height 9.2 cm). How curious!


  1. Anonymous16 July, 2014

    Happy to see that you like my card. It was fun creating it, thus, there might come more. Bisous Eva

  2. Beautiful mail! Especially the postage stamp attracts my attention and I love it because of the combination of a drawing and photography (and by the fact that it's a stamp).
    And indeed it's a great idea to add suitable magazine cuttings!

  3. I love the Lewis Chessmen. I saw them being exhibited at Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis a couple of years ago and a replica 'Berserker' lives on my desk.

    1. I wanted to see an exhibition about Vikings in Barcelona this week, but finally it was impossible :(


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