16 July 2014

Postcard User Guide

Maybe are you on holidays and want to send postcards? Don't know how to do that? Look at this useful postcard received from Heleen (the Netherlands):

1. Turn postcard over. You're not allowed to write on this side. It confuses your postman.
2. Write something nice to someone on the left hand panel like "Hello Deidre, I like your hat. Have you lost weight?"
3. On the right panel, write down their name and address. If they don't live anywhere, just give it to them when you see them next. It doesn't matter, it still works.
4. Pop a stamp on here. Any one will do. As long as it's got the Queen's face on it.
5. Pop it in a postbox. DONE. Make sure it is a red one though. Them other ones with holes are bins. If you put it in there then no-one will get it.

It is easy, isn't it? Well, maybe the mail boxes in your country aren't red, or you have not any queen... But these aren't valid reasons for not to send me a postcard during your holidays!


  1. Haha, love it! Our mailboxes are yellow and we don't have a queen, but it's still a good enough guide :)
    In my family we call the "mailboxes with holes" "Express-Briefkästen" or express mailboxes - not sure who got the idea that the mail will be extra fast if you dump it in the bin :)

  2. I love this card which I was lucky enough to get from Heleen as well. It now lives on my notice board!


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