06 September 2014

Omani Stamps

The theme for this week at Sunday Stamps is Cultural artifacts, esp jewelry, but could be anything

I think it is perfect to show this series of wonderful Omani stamps that I have received almost complete (on different postcards). They were released on March, 3 last year, and dedicated to Omani Crafts Day. Here you can find more information about these stamps, and also better pictures (sorry!).


  1. I like the idea of a crafts day, so many beautiful things being produced.

  2. Oman! I don't think I have any stamps or cards from that country. Love all of these crafts shown. Good to see you again.

  3. These are the first Omani stamps I've seen.

  4. Anonymous7.9.14

    What a nice series and how rare to see stamos from Oman. My 1st as well.
    eva from DE

  5. Thanks for your comments!
    I have received some Omani stamps in mail art exchanges. But the sender, Moh, now is living in Scotland. So I guess it will be hard to receive more stamps from Oman.


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