16 September 2014

Time for Museums and Two More Greek Pics

More postal vehicles.
But this time inside the Postal & Philatelic Museum of Athens.
I was a bit disappointed because it is really small, and the shop
didn't work. At least, the visit was free...

This bike is my favourite

Old mail box in the same museum

Epitaph (5th to 6th century) of "Petrus the Postman"
displayed in the 
Museum of Byzantine Culture, in Thessaloniki

But some treasures aren't found inside the museums.
You can take a picture of this mail box in the reception
of the historical Elafos Hotel, in Rhodes Island

Or even in the street!
This is the original mail box of a house in the old town of Thessaloniki.

And this is me trying to mail your postcards.
I hope they arrived safe and sound!


  1. You've got a bunch of postcArds! I love the last photo!

  2. Great photos!
    Why is the mailbox where you posted the cards that high?!?

    1. I want to ask the same question to the postal service... ;-)


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