15 September 2014

The Greek Postal Service

As many of you know, I spent my summer holidays in Greece. And obviously I have some postal pictures ready to be shared. I hope you like them!

A normal post office in a middle-sized town.
Do you know the log of ELTA (Hellenic Post)?
It is the Olympian god Hermes, the messenger of gods.

At first I was surprised that there is so much postal blue,
as I am most used to yellow.
These are like post office boxes, but in the street.

Some postal vehicles

An standard mail box in a street of... Sorry, I don't remember!

They look more elegant together.
This is the main post office in Athens.

I must say that most of the mail boxes in the street, especially in
the big cities, have been vandalized. This one isn't the worst I saw.
Sometimes I didn't dare to mail my post there!


  1. The banks of PO boxes always fascinated me in Greece. The post boxes that I saw in Belgium cities when visiting had a lot of graffiti on them but of a slightly better class.

    1. In Spain we don't have these banks of PO boxes, nor in Morocco.
      It's a pity that most postboxes are vandalised in Greece... I saw dozens the mailboxes like this one in the picture :(

  2. Here in Boston postboxs are also blue!

  3. Indeed a pity of the vandalized postboxes. But I love to see these Greek Post items, thank you for showing them to us!

    1. I have read that they are changing a lot of mailboxes there. I hope the new ones won't be vandalized!


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