19 September 2014

Mini Mail Art

Don't you think some pieces of mail are just perfect?

Look at his envelope sent by Gina (UK):

It contained a little postcard and a very little envelope:

The minipostcard (7,3 x 5,7 cm) shows a wintery view of the Amphitheatre El Jem in Tunisia... a bit altered. First time I was in Tunisia we reached 47 ºC, and the second time I didn't want to know. So this is a surprising image for me!

About the letter... How little is it?!?

And still she managed to write a real letter of that size:


  1. So nice! I love the teeny tiny letter! And that snowman where no snowman could survive...perfect!

    Very cute!

    1. Well, he could survive... But for a little while! ;-)


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