18 January 2016

Bocksbeutel Documentation

I have received the documentation  of the Mail Art Bocksbeutel (already ended). I love that they put both the envelope and the postcard on the sheet.

The envelope is really cool, and especially the rubber stamps on it:


  1. Roland always sends the best documentation. I love that he put the addressed bottle of yours three times - I really thought that was very well done when I saw it the first time.

    1. However, it was easy to make! :)
      I was impressed by the documentation the first time I participated. Besides this, he always sent short but nice notes.

  2. What a beautiful artistamp sheet! And I ahree with FinnBadger, your addressed bottle is awesome!
    The rubberstamp of Ronald under the envelopes, too :-)

    Ow, and I forgot the project closed on 31st December... I had made the envelope already in November, but I didn't have enough time - and subsequently forgot - to create the content so far...

    1. Thanks! So now I know I need to make this kind of lettering for my friends too! :D

      And about your envelope... That's a pity... :(
      Maybe you can send it forthe exhibition anyway (I mean, even if he is not making artistamps any more. Or you could ask...).


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