19 January 2016


As you know, I visited Belgium last September. And, as you know, Belgium means chocolate, beer and... comics! Among the characters that I discovered, I fell absolutely in love with Boerke.

I tried to draw him to sent this letter to Heleen (the Netherlands).

PS Have you noticed the little Smurf on the postcard?


  1. Thank you, Eva! I received it, already some months ago. And of course I immediately noticed the Smurf :-)

    I didn't know Boerke before, it's a lovely drawing!
    I think he is more known in Belgium (while other Belgian characters - like the Smurfs of course, and Suske and Wiske (Bob et Bobette) and Guust Flater, and Kuifje (TinTin) are wellknown and famous here..).


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