22 January 2016

Creativity Is a Practice

I just love the slogan on the back of Mim's latest postcard.


  1. My son and daughter created this motto for their business. I'm having new rubber stamps made for this as they recently had it registered, so next you see it, it will have a little r in a circle by the word "practice." The siblings are in business together. They always wanted to have a family business and now they do. http://www.anotherlimitedrebellion.com/

    1. Thanks for sharing the page. The project seems very interesting, and so the books.

      I hope it is not any problem that I uploaded here the registered slogan...

    2. Not a problem. I've been using the stamp a lot so it's traveled all over the world. I think registration is recent.

    3. Thanks! It's a good slogan to remember, indeed :)


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