24 January 2016

Cycles on Stamps

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps- II is Cycles: bi, tri, motor. I am not particularly fond of motorcycles. However, I have recently received some stamps whit motorcycles. It seems to be a fashionable topic for stamps!

These stamps belong to a miniature sheet stamp entitled Hungarian old-timer motorcycles, Issued on 9 September 2014. On each denomination of the miniature sheet containing twelve stamp designs a vehicle is shown from the Maróti Motorcycle collection, and the background design is decorated with a montage of contemporary photographs ad newspaper articles.

This motorcycle arrived almost at the same time. It is part of a set of six Britsh Motorcycles, issued on 19 July 2005.

And I have received a batch of postal two/three-wheel vehicles. I am afraid I have already uploaded some of these. But postal vehicles, as every postal thing, is a favourite of mine!

From Brazil
9 October 2009

From Hungary
19 September 1997. Stamp Day

From Italy
9 May 2013. EUROPA stamp - Postal Vehicles
I have got some of these!

From the Netherlands
Sieb Posthuma December Stamps 2013

From Portugal
Where does a stamps take you?

From France
I know: these are not post workers. They are not even humans!
But the stamps is lovely, isn't it?

And lastly, let me link to this these Spanish stamps issued last November (I have not received any of them).


  1. What else would a rabbit family do on a sunny day but take out the tandem:) Cute
    Postal vehicles were mostly my choice too, for indeed where does a stamp take you in reality or imagination.

  2. Love those rabbits. And a very nice selection of stamps - you have a lot of postal-themed ones, I'm impressed.

    1. As usual, I'm not aware of how many stamps I have related to a theme until I search among them for Sunday Stamps.

  3. Excellent selection; so pleased you had some motorcycles. I've been on the look out for that GB set for ages. Hungary has provided a varied look this week.

    1. Thanks, Bob. I wonder why motorcycles seem to be so usual on stamps.

  4. the Dutch one is my favourite...the dog makes it just so adorable!!

    and I love rabbits! but when i look at the stamp, the whole image feels just so bizarre to me :)

    1. A family of rabbits on a tandem... bizarre? It's the commonest thing in the world! ;-)

  5. Seeing your motorcycles reminded me I hadn't posted mine!
    If i was able to deliver mail on one of these three wheeled cycles like the Hungarian one, I'd be happy!

  6. How I love to see the postal cycles - I love to see mail being delivered by bike :-)


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