30 January 2016

Reading Animals

I have received this postcard from John (the UK).

That challenged me. I had an album for Reading Women and another one for Reading Men. When I received this reading frog, I considered he was manly. But there is no evident reason for that, of course.

Now, I am absolutely unable to decide if a she-dog or a he-dog is reading on this postcard. So, after some suggestions (here, here...), I opened a Reading Animals album.

Aweek after I have got this postcard from Heleen (the Netherlands). And, as you can see, the album was absolutely necessary!

On the postcard, you can see Kikker (the frog), the more famous character created by Dutch illustrator Max Velthuijs.


  1. Replies
    1. Ja veus que m'entretinc fàcilment... :D

  2. Nice theme for an album!
    Now I have a fresh new subject to look for/find more postcards to :-)

    (Hope to find on day a postcard showing a reading woman, man and animal besides a lighthouse in the (orange) sunrise light with a bridge to a multilingual university and market on the background :-) )

    1. hahah If there is one person who can find it, I'm sure it's you, Heleen.

    2. I think Eutrapèlia is right. And what about to include some tulips, a train, a plane in the sky, a cup of tea... Ok, ok, I stop here! :D


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