07 September 2016

Mail Art & Chocolate Packaging

I wrote a letter to Laura (the UK) on the back of those chocolate wrappings. I like that the alternative stamp on the postcard and the real stamps match.

And now I have confirmed what was just a suspicion: there is a high probability that, if you design packaging for chocolate brands, you are also a mail artist in your free time. Or is it the other way, and the mail artists design chocolate packaging in their free time...?


  1. Oh, the stamps, Don Quijote, El Quixot, so great to see the match!

    According to some written opinion (in fact mail art has no terms or rules but sometimes it is useful to have some clues) I recently read that one of main reason to call art /designs 'mail art' is that the art has to go through the postal system. So it is not the designer (although I think he or she comes close by adding postage stamps to the package) but is the recycling sender who makes the design 'mail art'. Be it that there *has* to be some odditions, er, additions, otjerwise it would be a regular postcard (although some postcrosser believe it isn't).

    (a long comment, for what it's worth: you as a mail artist may have a different opinion so may fill in what you think about it yourself :-)

    1. I don't think a lot about what is/isn't mail art. Because, eventually, I agree with you: everything we send by mail is mail art, including the written letters.

      But what I wanted to say is that it seems thatthe packaging designers are mail artist in their free time!

  2. El que es veu darrere del rei d'Espanya, de color roig, són corones?

    1. Sí, coronetes (de color rosa).


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