19 September 2016

Retro States Updates

Shall we send our friends some of these retro status updates?

This is a nice modern definition for postcards, isn't it?

(This joke arrived photocopied inside a letter. I cannot find out who is the author, sorry.)


  1. Hereby a digital reply, but some retro will follow :-)
    Thank you for your status update! Literally: I received it, as well as the book! And the kiting card! I wanted to update this status digitally on my blog but by lack of time I still haven't...

    And then they say internet and social media are fast means to communicate... if you wouldn't have posted this great picture I wouldn't have commented and you would have received my retro status update much sooner (that is: within next two weeks) than my digital status update (that would be next month, or next year, or at sint juttemis..)

    1. Happily, we find the way to combine more than one mean of communicate, aren't we?

      I'm glad that the postcards and the book arrived, youpi! :D

    2. :D
      Thank you again, such a big and nice surprises!

  2. That's a genius definition for postcards!


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