23 September 2016

My Friend's Trips: And the Winner Is...

I truly appreciate every letter and postcard I get. But I should confess that, if I had to chose a winner among all the post I have got this summer, one of them will be this postcard from... Vietnam! It is the first piece of mail I have got from that country ever, thanks to two friends who were there on holidays.

The senders had a little adventure when sending the card: they bought it, and then the stamps (in a post office). But when they actually wanted to send it, from a different post office, they were told that the postage was not enough. Bad for them, because they had to pay more... But good for me, because I got more stamps!

It was along trip for the card. It arrived a bit damaged, but nothing serious...

The inside, a stunning paperwork featuring a typical Vietnamese cyclo:


  1. Replies
    1. It's a wonderful work of art. I keep it on the desk.

  2. Replies
    1. Like friends who go on holidays to the other side of the globe... :)

  3. Beautiful, and a worthy winner of the summer retro status updates.

    1. I hope nobody will be offended by the tittle of the post. It is just that this card has a special meaning for me.

    2. Any normal person can see how special this card is. And you would not be human if you didn't have favorites.

  4. J'aime biens cette carte...et l'histoire qui va avec


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