28 September 2016

Women Read Everywhere

Fire Opal (Grace Mutell), by Laura Coombs Hills
Sent by Bryon (the USA)

Reading by the Fire, by Ryan Conners
Sent by John (the UK)

Time Slipped Away..., by Carol Kudsen
Sent by John (the UK)

The Lady Elizabeth Murray with Dido, by Zoffany
Sent by Laura (the UK)

My baby should call any time, by Aciddream
Sent by John (the UK)

Portrait of a Lady,by Micah Williams
Sent by Bryon (the USA)

(My collection of postcards of reading women)


  1. A lovely little set. I especially like Fire Opal.

    1. Thanks, John, for your coment and, especially, the postcards. It would be too difficult to chose just one of these. I love to see the different styles of reading women, according to different artists and time.


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