06 September 2016

Mail Art Call: Brüder Grimm

Every time I think that I am not going to participate any more... I receive an attractive mail art call! Who could resist that theme? Especially if it has been delivered by flying fly, with a bonus lighthouse...


  1. A theme to surrender to!.. :-)

    Making me curious to know which mail art call the Flying Fly has delivered to you?! :-D

    1. I wrote in in a confusing way: it's just a mail art call (the Brüder Grimm inside the cover delivered by flying fly).

      And I have already surrendered: I've draw Little Red Riding Hood! Are you planning to participate. The theme is so appealing that it's a pity we could send just one postcard!

    2. I should (and want) to participate, be it that I don't know if I have sufficient time to sit and draw, as present life keeps on being busy, filled with other tasks and a large 'to reply' mail pile...

      The good news is that I re-found two books of my youth: the fairytales by H.C. Andersen and the fairytales by the brothers Grimm! With beautiful illustrations. And -I think - uncensored versions of the fairytales. I remember reading more nowadays versions, in which the bad guys flee or better their lifes, while in the original version some come to an end of life in a cruel way..

    3. Indeed a pity that only one per person is accepted. At the moment I'll sit down and relax and being ready to draw, I am sure lots of inspiration comes, thanks to this theme, and I would want to create more rhan one (you too):-)


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