02 June 2017

Boats, Ships & Adventures

These two postcards were sent by Maria from two different countries.

The first one was sent from Malta on 19 April. The stamp, entitled French Period and issued in 2009, features also a maritime scene.

Marsaxlokk fishing village (Malta)

The second postcard was sent from Sweden on 1 May. In this case, the stamps features not the sea, but a portrait of Queen Silvia. But it is very blue, and came with an interesting postmark.

Skanskaskrapan/"Läppstiftet" and Viking ship

The name of this skyscraper is very interesting: "It is commonly referred to by people from Gothenburg as Läppstiftet ('The Lipstick'), Skanskaskrapan (The Skanska Skyscraper), Vattenståndet (a double-entendre: 'The Water Level', but also 'The Water Erection') or Legohuset (The Lego House), although the official name is simply Lilla Bommen after its location."

But, despite being 12 days of difference between both postings, the postcards arrived together!


  1. Always so interesting, mail's journeys. I would think mail from Sweden and from Malta would travel the same amount of days. But it seems that they made an appointment, that prefered to gather first, before entering your mailbox, and then cosily together loved to surprise you! :-)

    How nice that Maria was/is visiting Europe!

    1. (saying 'they', I mean the two postcards of course :-) )

    2. I guess you are right when we speak about Europe. But when Poste Maroc is involved... anything can happen! And still: my postcards from Italy are taking ages to arrive!

  2. I have come to the conclusion there is absolutely no logic or arithmetic that can be applied to the vagaries of the mail systems. But I guess that makes it even more exciting in a way - so long as they arrive eventually.

    1. ...So long as they arrive eventually: That's the key. For the rest, I'm happy with all the postal adventures and even misadventures!


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