23 June 2017

Post Office in Cádiz

This is the main post office in the city of Cádiz (Spain). It was built in 1925. 

This time, the postal workers were super-nice. And of course I could not resist to post some letters in the mouth of those lions...


  1. Beautiful building. I'm impressed it is still a post office - seems like so many buildings have been sold and turned into something else.

    1. In Spain, they haven't sold most of those buildings. There aren't so old, really, just one century.

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2017

    What a beautiful entrance. Aha! Correos is "post" in English. In jest, I want to believe the image above correos is a snail. :D

    Province of Spain and abroad?

    Thanks for the photographs.

    1. In the past, there was a special rate for letters within the city. It is the reason why there are different post offices in some old post offices.

      Correos means 'post', and it is also the name of the company in Spain. But the symbol isn't a snail. It is the post horn that most European countries use.


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