19 June 2017

Open When Letters

The Open When letters work as a variation of the Letters to the Future (=letters to be opened on an specific day in the future). There are letters written and given with instructions for opening at a later date or time.

There are many different types of Open When letter topics. They can be general ("when you miss me") or specific ("for your birthday"). On this post of Sharis' Berries blog you will find not less than... 280 topics! Plus some fun ideas and printable templates (like those on the picture, taken from the same post).


  1. I like the thoughts behind it. I have bought one similar set ('open when you're old') a year ago but still didn't write it.
    Did you write some yet?

    1. I've sent some "letters to the future" to friends (for birthdays, and so on). But I've never written letters to myself. I'm not sure I would like to read them after the years.


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