17 April 2018

No TV Tuesdays

Just create. This has been my motto for the year.
My goal in 2017 was to take advantage of my "No TV Tuesdays" with letter writing. After a few letters, I decided to spice them up a little and expanded them into bundles. The bundles include a 5" x 7" piece of art, a letter and sometimes a recipe card. The first one was just for fun, but then I noticed it spurred my desire to produce more art.

So Valeri decided to continue about her project in 2018, and I have been one of the happy recipients of her letters. Not just a letter, as you can see!

I love the detailed Moroccan illustrations on the envelope and the writing paper: 

And also this cool watercolour and ink artwork. The honey dipper looks so real...!

And, of course... Who doesn't like wax seals? I should try this one day...

 If you want to see more of Valeri's art, you can also browse her Instagram account.

I don't know if she is still taking requests (check on her site). Update:


  1. Such a wonderful mail art!

  2. :D It's a wonderful letter, indeed.

  3. These are beautiful. I'm heading over to Valeri's instagram page.

    1. I'm sure you're loving her drawings as much as I do!


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