20 November 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 17

The Mail Monsters eat letters for breakfast,
for lunch, for dinner...

Although this collaged mail monster isn't very fat. And it seems to eat not only letters, but many things like secrets, words, brain candy, dreams, fantasies...

Phillip has experienced the Mail Monsters activities, too:

When letters arrive with small (and sometimes large!) pieces missing I like to believe that mail monsters are real.
I think they are shy, quiet, lonely creatures that hide in dark places in post office mail bugs and sorting machines, just waiting for a piece of news, poetry, information, story to grab. Usually just a nibble, but sometimes they get carried away by the delicious words and pretty stamps.
They don't really mean to be monsters, they are just misunderstood!

The sender added the Moon stamp because he likes to think the mail monsters are more active during the night.


  1. I didn't remember writing so much about the mail monsters' existence :)

    1. It took me so long to upload the monsters that nobody remember the own contribution! :P

      I'm afraid that you have first-hand experience about the mail monsters, haven't you?

  2. "They don't really mean to be monsters, they are just misunderstood"...
    ... Well said!

    1. Of course, they want to be nice but... they are monsters! :)

  3. J'adore le monstre de Phillip,il me fais penser à l'homme invisible !


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