25 May 2019

Blue & Pleasant

Postcard sent by John (the UK) featuring the cover of the 1947 essay England's Green and Pleasant Land. I find somehow disturbing that it is not green, don't you?


  1. Maybe that is because the essays leave some room for your own thoughts and imagination. Which you can add to what you read in the book.
    Similar to that, we can add some imaginary yellow to the book cover, and voilà: the blue and yellow turn to green :-)

    By the way, first I mis-read 'peasant', so I attributed the 'green' to the 'peasant', and thought thebook cover colour just coincidental (meanwhile I wondered: aren't Penguin books not all orange??).

    1. I think the colour of the covers change according to the genre. But maybe I'm wrong... I haven't read so many Penguin books (neither this one).


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