09 May 2019

Business Mail?

Contrary to most people (I guess), I rarely get any piece of mail that is not a personal one. The most business-like pieces of mail I receive are online orders (and also, very few of them).

But it is very nice when you order something and it arrives inside a neat and sweet envelope like this, sent from Belgium by Connie of CocoMojoDesigns.

And the postcard below came along with some yarn I ordered from Knitography in Norway.


  1. I order stamps via the internet (among them ebay and marktplaats.nl (is Dutch kind of ebay), and collectors' shops), and the funny thing of these stamp sellers is that they always use nice stamps on their envelopes, too :-) So each time I receive envelopes, of which half of them is with my address handwritten, I think it personal mail, until I remember my order (or open the envelope) :-)

  2. To be short: business mail like you showed and like I receive, is double fun!

  3. Even with a little disappointment when you find out it is commercial mail... It's a pleasure to receive things packaged with care!

  4. That is some very fancy commercial mail.


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