26 August 2019

Reading Women

Girl with a cat, c. 1840
(Unidentified artist)

Good Read, by Michael Scholl

The Shiels Collection, 1991

(No details on the back of this postcard)

Sent by Bryon (the USA), John (the UK) and Heleen (the Netherlands).


  1. Always a great theme!
    How I would love to learn from the book shown in the first postcard, and when reading, to be accompanied by the coffee from the 3rd postcard :-)

    1. On the postcards of reading people (or animals), I always wonder which book are they reading. I'm glad that we know about it on the first postcard. I suspect you would learn the first book by heart! :)

      Coffee seems a good idea right now. I'm going to make myself a cup!

  2. Your collection of reading women is pretty amazing.


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