27 August 2019


Envelope sent by Fabienne (France). That happy sailor seems to introduce us the stamps. The three stamps are wonderful. But, of course, the lighthouse-related would made the day of any lighthouses lovers!

Augustin Fresnel is a very important name in the lighthouses history: among his achievements, there is the Fresnel lens. The stamp was issued on 3 May.

Stamp issued on 22 Juin 2018, featuring the pink granite coast of Ploumanac'h and its Mean Ruz lighthouse.

Among others, she included this postcard with four lighthouses in the Somme department (France): Le Crotoy, Le Hourdel, Brighthon and Ault-Onival.


  1. Je sais ton amour pour les phares :)

  2. I think Fabienne created an envelope and contents perfect for you.

    1. It made my day.
      I was in Perros-Guirec in 2003, and I remember very well that lighthouse.


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