18 August 2019

Women on Stamps | Z for Zus

I think that the Dutch word zus means 'sister'. I did not find any better way of finishing this  round of Sunday Stamps A-Z than these 2006 stamps, with illustrations taken from an old book for children to learn to read. 

For this round, I picked up the project of showing stamps dedicated to women. You can see here all the Women on Stamps featured on this blog. I am glad I did it, and I really enjoyed learning about such interesting people. I hope you have done so! 

Don't forget to go to Sunday Stamps to enjoy more Z-stamps!


  1. Ce fut un réel plaisir de découvrir chaque dimanche un nouveau timbre ,une nouvelle histoire de femme ,merci et j'éspère qu'il y aura d'autres "sunday stamps a-z .

    1. Merci de suivre la série. On a fait 4 A to Z séries. Alors, on va faire d'autres thèmes maintenant. J'espère que tu vas les trouver aussi intéressants!

  2. I'm always fascinated by the use of typography on Dutch stamps, I like the theme. Thanks for introducing us to some fascinating women this round.

  3. I bet these stamps brought back so many memories for some people!
    You have done an excellent job with each 'alphabet theme'. But also, thank you for suggesting a change as I was of two minds and you gave me the push!

  4. Congratulations on finishing another A-Z of stamps. I've enjoyed seeing them all, even if I am a little late getting to the end.


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