11 August 2019

Women on Stamps | Y for Young Women Playing

The Netherlands
2005 Summerstamps:
The 100th Anniversary of the Book, Ot en Sien&
2011 For the Children
I had not any stamp featuring a woman whose name starts with Y to continue with my Women on Stamps series. So today I am showing some young women (and men, by the way) doing the best we can do on Sunday: playing!

2017 Children Games

2018 World Environment Day

The Netherlands
2007 Summerstamps - Beach Scenes

The Netherlands2003 Princess Beatrix (1943)

1993 Parents-child relationship

For the current round of Sunday Stamps A-Z I am showing stamps dedicated to women. You can see here all the Women on Stamps featured on this blog.

Go to Sunday Stamps to enjoy more Y-stamps.


  1. hoop rolling?! Is that still a thing?
    Love the beach scenes stamps :)

  2. We use old bicycle tires for rolling after the war. All you needed was a stamp showing hula hoops.

  3. I like all the beach fun. A childhood friend's family used to host the seaside donkeys in their fields for the winter, the donkeys own holiday.

    1. Of course the donkeys needed a real holiday, far from the kind... ;)

  4. I love your choice for the letter Y, and your chosen stamps are delightful, full of fun and memories :-)

  5. You made such a nice mini-collection for your Y topic.


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