09 August 2019

Postcrossing Meet-ups in the Netherlands

Postcrossing meet-up in Groningen. The design of the postcard (by Eveline Dubblinga) is great, don't you think so? It features a postal van, that appeared again on the stamp.

And this meeting took place a week later, in Almere. I learned that the postcard doesn't bear the official Postcrossing logo because the meeting was unofficial (i.e., it wasn't added to the list in the forums). It seems it was hold at someone's home. But there were a lot of people, according to the signatures on the back!

Both postcards sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).


  1. J'aime beaucoup l'ensemble !

    1. As-tu déjà essayé le Postcrossing?

    2. Je viens de me lancer mais je t'en parlerai plus longuement dans un prochain courrier :)

  2. It is so nice that Heleen attends these events and sends postcards out.


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